Who We Are

Land Access Reimagined

Who We Are

We are group of friends that seek to provide opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to affordably enjoy the outdoors on their schedule. We began in the woods and on the waters of Arkansas, and our core mission is to bring in new hunters and anglers into the fold while providing new opportunities for existing hunters and anglers. Our Tracts provides needed income to landowners while making private lands more accessible and affordable for its members.

Hopes & Dreams

Our Tracts hopes to usher the hunting and fishing industry into a new age in order to preserve traditional outdoor values. Our Tracts hopes to introduce hunting and fishing to a new audience and bring more people into outdoor recreation. Our Tracts hopes to provide for the conservation of wildlife, and the continued rights of the hunting, fishing, and target shooting “lifestyle”, because it’s not a sport to those of us who live it! We hope to see you out there in the woods and on the waters, on OUR TRACTS.

Our Tracts Story

I found myself spending a good amount of money for a traditional hunting lease about an hour and a half away from my home and only hunting a few weekends a year. Being a member of the lease included mandatory workdays and I was allowed a limited number of stands. I ended up spending more money traveling than I had budgeted and spending more time away from my family. I tried hunting public land near my home in Central Arkansas but having mostly hunted private land, I found it to be a difficult adjustment. I was unable to find a traditional hunting lease in my price range close to home. I also tried knocking on doors to see if landowners would allow me access to their property. I found some success with this, but not much as many landowners were afraid of the liability associated with allowing access for hunting purposes. After speaking to other hunters, I found that my problems and frustrations were common issues. I knew there was a need for a more modern market for hunting; one that would bridge the gap between traditional hunting leases and public hunting land.

The hunting and fishing industry has been relativity unchanged for many years and in order to ensure its future it must adapt to the new age. Outdoors enthusiasts have limited time and limited budgets for hunting and fishing and money that can be used for recreational purposes keeps getting tighter and tighter.

Landowners are not immune to the higher costs either. The cost associated with owning land continues to rise and traditional hunting leases aren’t feasible for some tracts of land. The cost of owning land causes many people to sell tracts of land that have been in their family of generations.

The idea for Our Tracts came out of the realization that landowners needed a way to mitigate costs associated with owning land, and outdoor enthusiasts needed access to property for convenient, affordable outdoor recreational activities. I also knew that a solution would need to focus on the landowner’s peace of mind. That is why Our Tracts provides limited liability insurance for landowners through Outdoor Underwriters for events booked using Our Tracts. Our Tracts also runs a criminal background check on all its members, and performs quality control checks of the outdoor opportunities provided on the site.

Some of my fondest memories are those times I have spent hunting small game, target practicing, scouting new hunting areas, fishing ponds, and sitting in my deer stand waiting on a big ole thicket monster to walk out. Our Tracts provides all of those same opportunities to our members– keeping everyone’s hectic schedules in mind. Our Tracts hopes to promote the conservation of the state of Arkansas so that the “Arkansas” way of life – hunting, fishing, and living off the land continues to thrive and prosper for generations. Our Tracts seeks to provide opportunity to its members and economic advancement to the state of Arkansas, by utilizing Arkansas’s greatest asset – her rich and vibrant outdoors. We hope you will join us in the woods and waters of Arkansas, on Our Tracts.

Jarrod “East” Norwood
Our Tracts, LLC

The Company We Keep

The concept for Our Tracts was a great idea but needed help to become a reality. Our Tracts needed cultivation, a business perspective, and a technical professional. Thus, a partnership was formed. Jarrod Norwood, Gary Ogden, and Mike Ortner became that team of individuals and friends whose common goal is to provide for the continuation of hunting, fishing, and shooting. We want to help the conservation of the land and its wildlife, the proliferation of hunting and fishing, and the local economies of the areas we serve. We plan to do this by building a platform that landowners can trust and members can easily use.

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