Our Tracts is an online land-leasing platform for day leases. Today’s outdoors enthusiasts have limited time and budgets to hunt, fish, and target shoot. Our Tracts lists privately owned tracts of land for hunting, fishing, and shooting sports. No matter the total acreage, if you can hunt, fish, shoot, or some combination of the three on the property, then it can be listed on Our Tracts. Our Tracts bridges the gap between traditional hunting leases and public hunting land – providing income for local landowners and access to local hunters and anglers.

Landowners charge on average $11 per acre for traditional hunting leases in Arkansas. Many traditional leases are even lower than that. The traditional hunting lease model works like the following example: Landowner charges $11 per acre to a hunting club for access to 1000 acres for one year. The hunting club has 10 members and each member pays $1,100 per year for access to the 1,000 acres. Our Tracts’ model provides more opportunity to the Landowner and caters to hunters, anglers, and shooters with limited time and budgets. We take properties that are one acre to many acres and market them to their full potential. Say a landowner with 50 acres wanted to lease out their land for $11 per acre for the year. Well this would net them $550, then they would have to provide or ask the hunting club to provide insurance. However, if the landowner lists with Our Tracts for hunting the landowner could make $550 in just 26 days listing for just $30 per day. Arkansas boasts one of the longest hunting seasons in the nation. Deer season runs from late September through late February. The weekends account for 48 days of hunting season. Landowners listing with Our Tracts can make more using our model than the traditional hunting lease model and actually be more affordable to individual hunters.

Our Tracts attributes a daily price to each property. The price will fluctuate during the year to ensure maximum return to the landowners. A whitetail deer hunting property will have a lower rate to book during the summer months to allow members access for scouting purposes. However, during the hunting months and especially during peak hunting times the price will be slightly higher. A property that has hunting, fishing, and shooting opportunities will be in high demand year round. Our Tracts will work with landowners to make sure the property is marketed to its potential. Landowners have the ability to list land when they want, for uses they want, and to their specifications. For example, if a landowner would like to hunt their property specific dates Our Tracts will not list those days for booking to our members. We can also apply specific requirements like antler restrictions, specific hunting areas, and other requirements to individual properties per landowner request.

If you own property then you can earn extra income through Our Tracts. Our Tracts conducts a criminal background check on all members before they can access your property for booking. We also provide limited liability insurance for each booking done on your property. Our Tracts members sign a Land Use Agreement each time they book a property stating they understand what is allowed and what is not allowed on each particular property. As a landowner listing with Our Tracts, you are in complete control of what is allowed on your property. Earning extra money from your land is easy, safe, and rewarding. Call us today at 1-724-246-4868, and let us help you earn income from your property.

Jarrod “East” Norwood

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