Terra Stride


National Parcel Database
Access a complete parcel overlay map (shown above) and create accurate property boundaries using a comprehensive national database. Gather relevant meta data about a parcel, e.g., owner, market value, ids, etc.

Managing map objects is easy with TerraStride Pro. Annotate maps by adding markers, lines, and polygons. Photos, videos and descriptions can be added to any map object. Map objects can be organized in layers that can be shown or hidden by default. Files can be attached to any property.

Search for properties by address, Section/Township/Range, Tax ID, or Latitude/Longitude.

Print out detailed property maps complete with legends and annotations.

TerraStride Pro features tools for easily measuring distances and areas. Advanced statistics are automatically computed for each property, including: Deeded acreage, total acreage, timber, water, marsh, field, or pasture area; total road, trail, or river length, and more.

Track property views by location and frequency.

Layers and Overlays…

To explore TerraStride Pro for free go to TerraStridePro.com

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